What Color Nursey Will Help My Baby Sleep?

What Color Nursey Will Help My Baby Sleep?

Babies are enough of a handful in the day to be at night as well. If you want to guarantee a full night’s sleep for both you and your little one, I would suggest investing in the right nursery color. Nothing is worse than having a sleepless night, but to have a crying and tired baby as well is not what you want. 

According to Tuck, blue is the best color to conduce sleep and it is the one I most recommend for your baby’s nursery.

As explained by professional painters and decorators in London (http://industrydecorators.co.uk/), the color blue calms the mind and body, which helps to put it into a more relaxed mode. Studies show that it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration which are the perfect combination for good night sleep. It also contributes to longer sleep, which is perfect for a baby.

What Other Options Are There?


Personally, when I think of yellow it reminds me of the sunshine and sunshine makes me happy and at ease. For many, the color yellow is associated with happiness, it is a great color to project a happy ambiance into your child’s room. 


Green is a perfect color evoke the feeling of peace and relaxation as well as relieving any stress. It is a mixture of both yellow and blue which are mutually ideal nursery colors as it creates a feeling of both warmth and coziness which is exactly what your baby needs for good night sleep. 

Green is sometimes a preferred color to blue because the color blue can often make a room feel cooler. 


Orange is meant to relax the muscles in your body, which is perfect for sleep because once the muscles relax you can fall asleep easier. 


A great benefit of having silver as the color of a bedroom is that it mimics moonlight which sends a signal to the brain to let it know that it is night time, which is exactly what you want for your baby when it’s put to bed. 


Pink is a good color to induce sleep because it creates a feeling of relaxation. I would suggest a pale pink rather than a deep pink as a deep pink could cause an increased heart rate. 

However, according to The Spruce, over time pink can, unfortunately, be a color that causes agitation and anxiety. This could have a bad effect on your baby’s sleep and mood, causing future problems.  

What Colors Are the Worst for Sleep?


Red is one color that you should cross off your list. With it quickening your heartbeat it is not one to conduce sleep. You would be having many restless nights with this color mistake. 


The color brown is very gloomy, it can put the brain into a glum mood which is not what you want for your baby, you don’t want them to be in an unhappy mood and crying. 


The color purple stimulates the imagination which is not what you want when you want your baby to fall asleep. Worst of all it can sometimes cause nightmares which are 100% not ideal with a little one, chances are they won’t be falling back to sleep quickly. It might also cause upset, which usually leads to crying.

Why Do Colors Influence Sleep?

Colors have a powerful effect on our moods. Colors influence sleep because depending on the mood we’re in it will affect our ability to sleep. 

Have you ever been in a mood where you’re anxious, upset or angry and you’ve found that you struggled to fall asleep? It is usually because your mind is awake processing thoughts. When we see colors such as red we associate it with anger and that is why it raises our heart rates which make it harder to go to sleep. 

Conversely, when we feel calm and relaxed it is easier for our minds to switch off and for us to fall asleep quicker. Colors such as blue, green and yellow provoke happy, relaxed moods, this is why they are more suitable as bedroom colors. 

What Brand Should I Go for?

A great brand that sells paint is Jolie. As previously suggested, blue is the best color for sleep. Jolie does a French Blue color. 

The reason why I love this paint is that usually when painting a bedroom there can be a lot of prep needed to be done. But with Jolie paint they require next to non-prep, no sanding or priming is needed. Perfect for when you’re a parent with a new-born baby as let’s be honest you never have any free time as it is. 

Another great benefit of this paint for parents is that it is easy to clean with soap and warm water. We know babies can be messy so being able to easily clean the paintwork is a must. 

What Proof is There?

Surveys are always a brilliant way to get answers. A great survey which proves which colors are the best was done by Travelodge Hotels. They surveyed 2,000 people and found that 58% of people with a blue wall color woke up feeling happy. 

At the end of the day, it is down to every one of us how we are influenced by color but with psychology coming into play and your baby not being able to choose, it’s best to invest in a proven calming color for your baby’s room.