When Will Insurance Replace My Roof?

Roof damage can be detrimental to your home. It can lead to further damage to your walls, floors or even your entire house if left unchecked. For this reason, explains Fort Collins Roofing Company, the best roof repair in Fort Collins, it is important to file a claim with your insurance as quickly as possible to help get it fixed. The sooner it is fixed the less money you and your insurance company will have to spend to fix more problems.

So, when will insurance replace your roof? That depends. If it is a newer roof or at least less than ten years old, most insurance companies will replace the entire roof as quickly as possible. If it is an older roof, insurance will most likely pay half or what they deem the worth is of the roof before the damage. It can be a process, so start a claim ASAP.

There are multiple factors that go into how long it will take insurance to replace your roof after it’s damaged. Such as the cause, the age of the roof and what your specific insurance policy covers. The quality of your insurance provider can also impact how quick of a turn-around you will see on the replacement of your roof.


The Cause Of The Damage Matters 

Most insurance companies will only cover certain conditions when replacing your roof. Some of these conditions include fire, vandalism and “acts of God”, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Whether they cover the claim if your roof is damaged by rain, snow or hail is determined by the specific insurance policy you have with your insurance company.

The amount of damage may determine how much of your roof is covered. If only parts of your roof are damaged due to vandalism or fire, your insurance company may only pay the difference. You’ll need to talk with your insurance agent to find out how much your insurance is able to cover in those conditions since it can mean more out-of-pocket costs.

You may need to show proof. When you file a claim, your insurance provider may request proof in the form of pictures, documentation of the incident, or simply sending an agent to check out your house in person. This will also determine how much insurance covers for your roof replacement if they deem that the damage was not from their covered causes.


The Age of Your Roof Matters

Insurance companies will fully replace a newer roof. If your roof is ten years or younger, or you recently replaced the roof, your insurance company is more willing to pay for its replacement in full. This is due to the damage being because of the causes they cover rather than simple aging damage. Aging damage is on the homeowner to take care of.

You most likely won’t get much coverage if your roof is twenty years old or older. This policy is mainly due to damages being from natural aging rather than anything that the insurance company can prove. This means that most insurance companies may only pay a portion of the repairs, if at all. Consult your policy to find out where your roof stands.

If your roof is between ten and twenty years old, insurance companies may only pay a portion of the repairs. If your roof is stuck in the in-between ages of covered or not covered, insurance companies may only offer to pay for a certain amount of the repairs. They may send an agent to assess the worth of the roof and payout that amount to you.


Your Insurance Policy Matters  

Your insurance company will only pay for your policy covers. This is a key factor in what your insurance will or will not pay for when it comes to your roof repair. If you get a basic package that only covers fires and “Acts of God” that isn’t rain or hail, you will have to pay for that damage if you file a claim with your insurance. Make sure you read the fine print!

Choose a plan that makes sense for where you live and what you can afford. The most expensive plan may cover a multitude of things but may cost way too much to reasonably afford. It also may cover things that don’t apply to where you live, such as hurricane damage when you don’t live anywhere near water. Make sure to find the right plan for you.

Pick a quality insurance company. On the flip side, the cheapest insurance company or plan may not be the way to go, either. A cheap insurance company may feel right from month-to-month, but when damage actually happens they may not cover anything. A cheap insurance policy will have the same problem when damage actually happens.



We’ve discussed when your insurance will replace your roof after it’s damaged. Hopefully, this article has been helpful!