What Vegetables Can Be Grown on A Trellis?

What Vegetables Can Be Grown on A Trellis?

Trellises are a great way to grow more vegetables in a smaller space. It can also be great for those vegetables that need to be stacked or above ground. There are a wide variety of trellises to choose from and, according to experienced gardeners in Woking, Vieira Gardening Services, there are some that work better for certain vegetables than others. If you want to grow your own vegetables or just like to garden, invest in a trellis!

So, what vegetables can be grown on a trellis? It depends on what kind of trellis you purchase. There are various types of trellis you can purchase, such as:

  • Bamboo Teepees
  • A-frame trellis
  • Arbors, arches, and tunnels
  • Obelisks, towers, and pyramids

Depending on what kind of trellis you buy can determine what vegetables you can grow. You will be better off buying the right trellis for what vegetables you want to grow rather than randomly buying one and hope that it works for you.

This article will describe what vegetables grow best on a trellis and what type of trellis you should get for specific vegetables. It can be a great way to save money on fresh produce as well as enjoy vegetables to eat and cook with at your leisure. So, feel free to use this as a reference for your next trellis project.

What Vegetables Can I Grow?  

You can grow pole beans, which are great vegetables for trellis beginners. Pole beans grow quickly and thrive on trellises. They also don’t need any extra help to grow and are pretty independent compared to other vegetables. They also have a longer harvest window compared to other vegetables so you can get more bang for your buck.

Peas are another great vegetable to grow on trellises. Any peas that grow over three feet should be grown on trellises. The vines can be very heavy, so the plant can really struggle if it isn’t put around a trellis. You can also harvest every one to two days for pods. So, you’ll get a lot of vegetables for your labor.

You can also grow cucumbers on trellises Make sure to use vining rather than bush trellises. This will help the cucumber vines to grow vertically rather than on the ground. This will help keep the vines from tangling over the vegetables as well as keep the plant healthier from diseases.

Summer squash is another great vegetable to grow on trellises. This is a great method to keep the summer squash roots at bay. They can take over your garden and push out other plants due to the sheer size of them. A trellis will help keep the roots around it rather than the other plants in your garden. Plus, it will take up less room in total since it grows up.

What Type of Trellis Should I Get?

Bamboo teepees are easy to assemble and use for a variety of vegetables. These trellises are great for growing peas, pole beans, and cucumbers. You can purchase a couple of eight-foot-tall posts and tie them together with some heavy-duty twine. Make sure to evenly space them around your garden so the roots do not grow over each other.

A-frame trellises are great for different vegetables as well. You can put two flat sides together to form an “A” shape and have the vegetables grow along those sides. This is great for peas, pole beans, squash, and cucumbers. Given that the A-frame trellises are two flat pieces put together, you can buy or build these with ease.

Arbors, arches, and tunnels are other great trellis systems Arbors and arches are great for entrances to your garden as well as for vertical plants like squash. Plus, it can add beauty to your garden. Tunnels are great for horizontal plants like beans to thrive. You can also grow flowers over your tunnels to decorate it or get some flowers into your garden.

Obelisks, towers, and pyramids are more great trellis systems. These are the kind of trellises you want if you want to make a statement in your garden. These trellises can make beautiful decorations in your garden as well as help various plants grow. It can also provide ample space above and below for other plants that surround your garden.

How Do You Grow Plants On Trellises?

Be sure you know whether your vegetables are climbers or not. Vegetables like pole beans are avid climbers who will have no problem growing around a trellis. In contrast, indeterminate tomatoes need to be secured to trellises to make sure they stay on and grow upward. Otherwise, they will grow around the trellis but stay on the ground.


We’ve discussed what vegetables you can grow on a trellis. Hopefully, this article was helpful and will help you make a decision on what kind of trellis to buy for your garden.